Connell Residence

Our client bought this 1968 split-level home that had only be owned by one other family.  The house was a full reflection of its previous owners, and it needed to be renovated to complement the new homeowners’ lives and meet their needs.  Through discussion about the family’s lifestyle and aesthetic taste, this project was designed to simplify, modernize, and be a personalized sanctuary to come home to at the end of the day.  We rearranged the kitchen, moved the dining room to make way for a mud room/laundry room, enlarged and reconfigured the master suite, reconfigured the basement to give the children their own space, and refinished all of the rest of the interior spaces.  With almost all new finishes, cleaner details, calming paint colors, new lighting design, and more functional spaces, this house is much more a reflection of the clients than ever before.  A future phase will include a full redesign of the exterior to give the house a more modern feel and be more accessible.  This portion will include new windows, new siding, new paint, a footbridge from the street to the front door, and raised planters along the front façade.

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