Lindsay House

When the opportunity came for our clients to buy a house in their long-desired neighborhood and renovate it to be the kind of house they had always wanted, they were excited to get started on this project.  This two-story 1970 brick house was anything but modern when they first bought it, however, it had great potential to become the cool modern house they wanted.  The new design included knocking down the walls dividing the kitchen, dining room, and living room to create one big space with a vaulted ceiling.  The kitchen was reconfigured and completed with all new cabinetry and finishes.  We converted one of the downstairs bedrooms into a mudroom/laundry room, and added a larger second story master suite onto the back of the house with a screen porch below.  Almost all of the interior finishes and fixtures were replaced or updated.  We also changed the materiality of the exterior by painting the brick, adding a cedar clad front deck, and using fiber-reinforced panels for the addition.  Many of the windows were either replaced or enlarged to allow for better energy efficiency, light, and views to the outside.  The three different porches offer various experiences around the house to enjoy nature in peace or be a part of the action as the kids play in the yard.  In the end, the house became a place fit for a family of five to enjoy each other as well as entertain their friends, inside and out.

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